Social services assessment: Learn what's possible for you or your loved one.

Assessment provided to individuals in cases where it is unclear what services would be best provided to them or how their case should be managed.

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What it is not:

  •  A medical examination
  • A legal evaluation. 
  •  It will not provide a diagnosis.

What it does provide:

  • Assessment of individual skills
  • Assessment of daily living activities
  • Assessment of orientation
  • Determination about whether or not the individual could benefit from a guardianship or conservatorship
  • Assessment of overall functioning
  • Determination about what services would benefit the individual and how to access those services.
  • A written version of the results will be provided to the requesting party.

Assessments are provided by social service professionals and/or Nationally Certified Guardians with experience in mental health illness, traumatic brain injury, intellectual disabilities, Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia and geriatrics.

Cost: $250