The pooled trust: Making sure your money goes the distance

Pooled Trusts are a type of Special Needs Trust (SNT) that ensures you or your loved one has the financial resources required to meet their needs without jeopardizing eligibility for government provided benefits. Earnings from work or income may not always be adequate to meet a disabled person’s needs.  Pooled Special Needs Trusts are a way that people with disabilities can retain money from settlements, inheritance, excess funds or money from loved ones while not jeopardizing their government benefits such as SSI or Medicaid.

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As trustee, WGC manages federal regulations on a daily basis and remains current with respect to the requirements related to Special Needs Trusts.

What happens to the funds?

Two types of trusts

How does one access their funds?

An account manager is assigned to serve as the liaison between individual beneficiaries, their care managers or legal representatives.

How can the funds be utilized?

The WGC Pooled Trust has been approved by both the Social Security Administration and by Wyoming Medicaid.

Application and joinder agreement for both trusts available on website.  They can fill out and return.

Pooled Trust Remainder Fund

When Pooled Trust beneficiaries die, WGC retains the first $25,000 left in their account. This money is available:

How is the money accessed?