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Representative Payee Program
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The Representative Payee Program

Do you have clients who need help managing their Social Security Benefits?

Wyoming Guardianship Corporation (WGC) has developed a Representative Payee Program that provides Payee services for those individuals who are unable to manage their Social Security funds. 

This program is certified by the Social Security Administration.   Individuals may request our services, be referred by their health care providers, case managers, or guardians.   Payees have a close working relationship with beneficiaries, their case managers, health care providers and other agencies.

The Representative Payee Program provides:

  • Assurance that basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing are first priority.
  • Social Security checks are sent directly to WGC’s Representative Payee Program
  • Budgeting, bill payment and creditor liaison.
  • Computerized accounting of individual beneficiary accounts.
  • Quarterly account reports.
  • Annual reports to Social Security.
  • Fees based on amount allowed by Social Security.  The current fees are $39.00 per month and are subject to change as per Social Security.


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